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Pay with BTC


Use BTC at restaraunts, shops, online or anywhere that accepts a Debit Card. We automatically transform your BTC to USD anytime you spend.

Load funds

instantly on-the-go

A new wallet lives on your card. Use a QR code to instantly transfer credit to your card. Do it on-the-go through a wallet transfer on our mobile app.

Cold Storage


We store your bitcoin in paper wallets, the most secure form of storage. We even offer insurance on you BTC up to $1M.

About BitCard

BitCard is the first debit card that uses bitcoin as its base currency.

Using BitCard, any merchant in the world that accepts debit cards can now also accept bitcoin, without any additional setup.The ability to instantaneously and frictionlessly transact with bitcoin will help to ensure that the bitcoin ecosystem continues to flourish and grow.

You can now spend your bitcoin anywhere online and at most physical retailers. Using our App you can quickly upload your bitcoin and check out the current exchange rate before you swipe and cash out. We only convert the amount of bitcoin needed in USD at the time of sale.


Register with your name
or anonymously.
Real Bank Card Number,
usable online or any outlet
that accepts regular cards
Mouseover to Flip.
Magnetic swipe strip,
works with card readers at
restaraunts and stores.
Instantly load funds onto
your card via QR code
BTC transfer.
1111 2222 3333 4444


James P Schuler
1111 2222 3333 4444
James Schuler


BitCard is the easiest way to spend your bitcoins.
Simply swipe your card at any merchant that accepts debit cards

Helping you to easily spend your bitcoin anywhere is a major step towards stabilizing and growing the bitcoin ecosystem. But this is just the beginning. Soon, we will accept other leading cryptocurrencies as well, including LiteCoin, Ripple, DogeCoin, Peercoin and others.

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